Do you dream of running a race in Roskilde?

Do you walk around with a racing driver in your stomach and miss your boy's dream of running lightning fast and wild racing without anyone limiting you or stopping your adrenaline rush? At Roskilde Racing Center we love speed and excitement, and offer the best facilities for anyone with gasoline in their blood. Here you can frolic on a large outdoor lane full of fun turns and ample opportunity to give friends and other racing drivers the back wheel.

Call us today and book a race for a fun day with the comrades. We equip you with a nice and fast go-kart and then you are ready to give it gas!
On our big track you can try half an hour race, or run a full hour in the grand prix or Le Mans. There are many opportunities to have the ultimate racing experience and you will meet others who also can't get enough of the speed and excitement!

Try your hand at Northern Europe's largest facility
We at Roskilde Racing Center are the proud holders of the Nordic's largest go-kart center. Therefore, you can expect a huge outdoor course in top condition that challenges beginners as well as experienced racers with wild drifting and plenty of room for quick overtaking.

Here you can calmly let it go wild. The track is protected and makes it safe to provide the proper gas while challenging your fellow riders. This way you can take the whole family out on the field and give children as adults a fun day and an unforgettable experience. We offer startups for children and young people, where small and large learn how to run go-karting with safe instructions. Then they are equipped with their own go-kart driver's license. On our course you can also regularly experience racing with professional racing drivers and various events where you can come and see the hardened give it gas and achieve amazing times. You can see our events on our facebook page, where we regularly update with news and what's happening in the center.

Roskilde Racing - The place where everything is possible
Our Gokart Center is much more than just racing. We have done our best to create the right atmosphere with various scenery and decorations that will get you into the racing universe. At the same time, you can both get delicious American Diner food, and we can also arrange catering for your company. For events we have a nice racing lounge with seating for 30 people as well as a large meeting room with seating for up to 80 people. At the same time we also provide both barbecue and bar facilities.
That way, there's room to hold anything from a birthday party to a bachelorette party or reception - maybe even an extra chef's Friday bar? The possibilities are many and the limitations are few.

Give us a call today and let's create the perfect day where you can live your racing dreams and experience an adrenaline rush beyond the ordinary.