Looking for fun teambuilding in Zealand?

Do your employees need a different day when they get to know each other in a different way? Then racing is an effective way to bond and strengthen team spirit among colleagues. Run Le Mans race, where it is important not only to be fast, but also to coordinate in the best strategic way. Experience the adrenaline rush with pit stops, wild drifting and the sound of the beautiful engines accelerating.

As you race together, you get to know each other in a whole new way. You will be surprised how many have a hidden racing driver in the stomach, and it may be a completely unexpected colleague who runs away with the honorable victory.

Give your colleagues an overhaul on Northern Europe's largest course
At Roskilde Racing Center you will find the largest go-kart center in the Nordic region. A nice, big track filled with wild bends that gives the right adrenaline kick and makes the race challenging - in the fun way. Our go-karts are incredibly fast and there are doomed fights to be the fastest team. For example, run heats of half or full hour.

When you race, there is room for both men and women. This is where the girls can show real girlpower riding a cool race while the boys can live out their boyhood dream of driving like a real racing driver. Step down the accelerator and unleash our fun go-kart. A wild experience you and your employees will soon forget.

Suitably finish off with a prize surprise that decides once and for all who are the company's best racing drivers. After that, we can easily stand for dinner for the whole company, in the form of lighting up the grill or serving delicious catering. We also have the facilities to start a party, with bar, draft beer facilities, bar staff and everything that belongs to it.

The right setting for a great day
Would you like to make a day out of it and have a place where you can get good entertainment supplemented with food and bar? At Roskilde Racing Center we have all the facilities to have a fun day, but also a nice party with room for all the colleagues. We can seat 30 people in our race lounge, and have meeting rooms for up to 80 people. At the same time we have both large barbecue for barbecue and you can also order catering on site.

The premises are decorated in true racing style with various backdrops to get you in the right mood and envelop you throughout the universe around racing. In addition, we have American Diner style dining facilities so you and your colleagues will embark on a little journey when you visit us. Enjoy a milkshake and a burger on our premises to fulfill the American racing dream.

Should we help you plan your teambuilding day? Call us now and let us know about your next event. We can design the day in a variety of ways, and tailor the activities and facilities to your needs.