Fun company event to promote your brand?

Do you love to stand out and give colleagues as partners and clients unique experiences? So hold a company event at Roskilde Racing and have a fun day where you get to know each other in a new way.
By connecting your company to this fun experience, the company will be remembered in a positive way, with the visitors having a unique day with you, trying their hand at a brand new adrenaline rush. That way, our go-karting facility is perfect for hosting everything from reception to launch or anniversary.

We have great facilities for holding various kinds of events. In our racing lounge, there is atmospheric decoration in true racing spirit and seats 30 people. We also have meeting rooms for up to 80 people. In addition, we have great bar facilities to offer your guests a refreshment, and we can also provide delicious catering - themed, buffet and seasonal.

Call us today and book your course and venue for your next event!

Give your customers and partners a unique experience
With your partners and customers, you don't always have to be in serious mood and in the stiffest plaster that you interact. In fact, it strengthens your business relationships much more if you forget for a moment that they are business associates. Today, you are just good friends who are going out and having fun together.

So leave the tie and suit at home and spend a casual day with your business partners and specially selected customers. Give your guests an experience of speed across the field, which they will never forget! Your customers will feel especially appreciated with this pampering, and your relationship is only strengthened for the future. If you want, we can also arrange barbecue and bar during the day, so you can make it an all-day experience.

Experience grand prix and wild races all year round
At Roskilde Racing Center you can hold your own event or join some of ours. We hold everything from Le Mans weekend to DM and Grandprix with professional racing drivers. Everyone is welcome to come and see the stars give it gas and hit their own wild records. On our Facebook you can keep track of when we are holding the next events. Of course, we also hold grandprix events, where everyone is welcome to participate as a racer.

We are proud to be able to run our racers on the largest 1,250 m race track in Northern Europe, which is packed with fun and challenging turns, and with plenty of overtaking opportunities on both sides. Here your inner racing driver can really frolic, feel the adrenaline rush and give it gas with all the others.

Take a look at our facebook page and join us for the next event. You are also always welcome to call us to pre-book a go-cart or arrange your next company event.
We look forward to seeing you in our racing world full of speed and excitement.