Are you holding the best blue Monday this year?

Blue Monday is a very special day that you will only experience once. The day should be as fun as possible and filled with good experiences with classmates. Here, go-kart racing is an obvious activity that gives everyone a great adrenaline kick and allows you to give the right gas with your friends.

We create the perfect atmosphere with everything from the checkered flags to beautiful suits and various scenery that will put you in the fantastic racing universe. In our great racing lounge, we have decorated in true American Diner style, and here you can get plenty of supplies, in the form of food and drink to suit the theme.

Call us today and book a fun racing experience for the whole class, which you and your mates will talk about for years to come.

Become a racing driver for a day
Do more of you go around with a boy's dream of becoming the ultimate racing driver? Then try your hand at our great professional track so you can see how well you manage when you really have to give it gas. Take up the challenge and gloat with the class about who is the fastest.

At Roskilde Racing we have Northern Europe's largest go-kart system, and here there is plenty of room to get up to speed and get burnt a lot of gunpowder. Try our many wild turns and see if you can reach all the friends in an intense race full of surprises and fun.

For this year's Confirmers, we recommend grandprix racing of 30 minutes per participant, where you both rent a helmet with a built-in camera and get a free driver's license - so you can blast being approved and ready for go-kart driving, and take a reminder of your experience with home.

Give friends back wheels with official prize giving
Would you like to experience being in a real grand prize and see how you manage when you are in the shoes of the racing stars? We would like to set the framework for a grand grand prix, where we create the right mood and fighting spirit to decide which of you can give the most gas.

We note each participant's lap time so you can see who is the fastest to take a lap - and who is the number shock. We start with a thorough instruction so that everyone is involved in how you drive well and safely. After you run the grand prix, we can hold a nice prize surprise, either with cups or other gifts you bring. Afterwards, there is also room for you to eat in the racing lounge, and end the day by celebrating the victory with style and patting your shoulder.

Give us a call today and book the track or racing lounge for a blue Monday filled with speed and excitement. Need planning help? We are always ready to give you free advice and are packed with great ideas to give you a great day.